Hire smarter, faster.

Successful companies have talented people working for them. What could you do with one more great hire? Resume Funnel lets you create job posts and manage candidates quickly, so you can focus on finding the right candidates, not fighting your applicant tracking system.

  • Quickly create job applications. Make new job posts with custom applications in minutes. Try that with our competitors.
  • Let candidates apply directly on your website. Accept job applications on your own website with just a few lines of code. We also host a customizable jobs page for you (see example) and can accept applications via email.
  • Post to popular job boards. With a single click, cross-post your openings to major job portals to reach more job seekers. (It’s included for free!)
Use Resume Funnel to create new jobs and edit applications.

Manage candidates with ease.

Resume Funnel adds new candidates to your Trello boards automatically. Use Trello—a tool your team already knows and loves—to discuss candidates and upload files. The birds’-eye view of your hiring pipeline ensures you never miss a great candidate.

  • Send templated emails to candidates. Automatically send emails to candidates when they are created, moved, or archived on Trello.
  • Works with all of Trello. From calendar sync to Power-Ups, use all of Trello in your hiring process. There’s no new, complicated platform to learn.
  • Your data is yours to keep. Unlike our competitors, we store your candidate data in Trello, so it’s yours forever even if you decide to move on.
Plugs into your Trello to manage candidates.

Introducing Applicant Intelligence.

Part superhuman, part supercomputer, totally amazing.

Let us filter, sort, and summarize your applicants for you. With smart resume-scanning technology and a team of human editors, we review each incoming candidate and organize them according to your criteria. This exclusive add-on service launches summer 2017.

Still not convinced?

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